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Branchial arches

Forms the anatomical bases for head & neck development Related to gill (brachial system) & located near the developing pharynx (pharyngeal) of the embryo. The branchial apparatus consists of: Branchial (pharyngeal) arches mesoderm Branchial (pharyngeal) clefts ectoderm Pharyngeal pouches endoderm … Continue reading

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Development of Nervous System

Prenatal Development of Central Nervous System At the beginning of the 3rd week, developing notochord induces overlying ectoderm to become neuroectoderm. Thus forming an elongated, slipper-shaped plate of thickened ectoderm – the neural plate. Neural plate invaginates and forms neural … Continue reading

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Development of Musculoskeletal System

Read up Foundation 1 Embryology & 1st aid basic sciences. OLIS Skeletal system develops from: Paraxial mesoderm forms somites a segmented series of blocks on each side of neural tube somites form: vertebral column muscles of axial skeleton body … Continue reading

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Embryogenesis & Development of the genital system

Read Dr. JPJ’s lecture & foundation 1 Dr. Daw Khin Win. Also will be good to read from First Aid. This is just a very short summary of the derivatives of the germ layers. Will update later on the embryogenesis … Continue reading

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Development of urinary tract & common abnormalities

Evolution of Kidney Development (3 stages) Note the image: pronephric system are at the superior (cervical region) portion, mesonephric system at the middle portion and the metanephric system at the inferior (sacral region) portion of the embryo) Mesonephric duct opens … Continue reading

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